Dog Eared Books- 17 Basin Street, Ephrata, WA

The Ephrata Chamber of Commerce is holding it's popular Wine Walk on October 27th. Dog Eared Books is pleased to be one of the Wine Walk stops where you will find local romance author, Tonya Murray signing her new book! Here's a teaser to whet your romantic appetite...

For Tessa Wells, keeping up with all the work that has to be done on her small ranch is becoming more tiring by the day. Living alone it is up to her to keep things running smoothly.

Most of the time Tessa contemplates on just giving up, but her strong will and fierce independence won't let her. She doesn't have time to herself let alone another. Making up her mind, Tessa has already accepted that she may end up growing old alone.

Cole Miller owned the local store that Tessa visited most every Monday. Unknown to Tessa, he has loved her from a distance keeping his feelings to himself. Only when his young daughter is kidnapped, Tessa and Cole are thrown together bound to get her back.

Along the way both Tessa and Cole not only test each others patience, but they both discover that true love really does give second chances.

Ephrata Chamber of Commerce Wine Walk - October 27

Tonya  Murray lives with her family on the outskirts of the small town, Soap Lake. As a small girl she grew up roaming southern Texas with her best friend, a palomino Quarter horse named Tiny. When riding, she daydreamed of slaying dragons and riding off into the sunset many times over. 

            Now that she is all grown up she still allows herself to dream, translating it onto paper, letting her imagination take over. By day she works at a fish hatchery that sits at the head of Rocky Ford Creek. But in her free time she enjoys music, horseback riding, reading and writing. And anything Jane Austen